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“We Sing” Wednesday – Fishers of Men

This is a fun, active song for little people. As kids we would “cast” and reel in as if fishing. Make motions to “follow” Christ. Put hand to ear as if listening and head down as if to sleep for rest.

The words and tune are simple and repetitive, making it an excellent song to teach to preschoolers. Enjoy!

There are some crafty fun ideas here: (link).

And more ideas here: (link).

I Will Make You Fishers Of Men
by Harry D. Clarke

I will make you fishers of men,
Fishers of men, fishers of men.
I will make you fishers of men,
If you follow Me.
If you follow Me,
If you follow Me.
I will make you fishers of men,
If you follow Me.

Hear Christ calling, Come unto Me
Come unto Me, Come unto Me.
Hear Christ calling, Come unto Me
I will give you rest.
I will give you rest,
I will give you rest.
Hear Christ calling
Come unto Me,
I will give you rest.
© 1927. Renewed 1955 Hope Publishing Company


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“We Sing” Wednesday – The Smile Song

This week’s song has a special place in my heart. I learned it from my grandpa. He was a happy, joyful man who LOVED the Lord.

Walt and Erva Coffman, September 3, 2001

Walt and Erva Coffman,
September 3, 2001

He was very friendly and would strike up a conversation with anyone he encountered.This song reminds me of him and the excellent example he set of joy and a positive outlook on life.

For a special treat today, I’m including audio of Grandpa Walt singing this song. It was recorded in my dad’s recording studio (Rolltop Music), in the beginning of 2002, only months before he died in June of the same year.

I still miss him.


The Smile Song

There are many troubles that will burst like bubbles
There are many shadows that will disappear.
When you learn to meet them
With a smile to greet them,
For a smile is better than a frown or tear.
You can smile when you can’t say a word,
You can smile when you cannot be heard;
You can smile when it’s cloudy or fair,
You can smile anytime, anywhere.

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“We Sing” Wednesday – Daniel Was A Man Of Prayer

This is another favorite from the “mom sing” play list. I do some hand motions with this song, but mostly I try to roar the word “lions”. No matter that I do it every time, and they should expect it, the little ones still jump and laugh when we get to that part of the song.

Keep on singing….

Daniel was a man of prayer

Daniel was a man of prayer
Daily prayed he three times
Till one day they had him cast
In the den of lions

Even then in the den
Fears could not alarm him
God had shut the lions’ mouths
So they could not harm him.

Click here for the sheet music.

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Golden Gate Bridge

During one school day a short while after our return from San Francisco, where Don and I had spent our anniversary, I sat down to read to the two little boys. Since there had been many questions about what we saw and experienced during our stay in San Francisco, I thought perhaps a book with a focus particularly related to the city might be of interest to them. I suggested Maybelle the Cable Car. They agreed. I had never read the book, but the author, Virginia Lee Burton, has written several other delightful children’s stories including Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Katy and the Big Snow, and The Little House, with which I am more familiar. I did not think I would be disappointed. But was not sure about the boys.

As it turned out, it was a little bit over their heads in spots. And their attention waned. Not one to give up, and because I wanted to finish the story for myself, I continued; but at a rapid pace to get through and move on to the next story. Suddenly, out of their struggle to understand the language that was so far our of their understanding, they had all these questions… Why did the city burn? What is an earthquake? I gave quick answers and moved right back into the text in my quest to finish the book.

But they had more questions… How does an earthquake start a fire? What makes an earthquake happen? Do earthquakes happen here?

Again, my answers were brief, and back to the text. I was feeling slightly annoyed at the interruptions. At this point their squirming was becoming intolerable and I just wanted to be done and move on to the next thing.

But they had still more questions… Have you ever been in an earthquake? Did your house fall down? Do streets get wrecked? Do bridges break? As my impatience began to flare, I heard a small voice in my head that said “Go with it!”

So I did.

We got out some books on earthquakes. And on fires. Natural disasters of all sorts. And specifically about earthquakes in San Francisco. I told them about the much more recent Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. I looked up photos so they could see the devastation. We discussed what our typical earthquake feels like, and why I don’t fear them and don’t think they need to worry either. We talked about disaster preparation. About having water and food stored for an emergency.

This took about 15 minutes, during which time they were rapt with attention and had many great questions.

Then the detour was over and we were back on track. We finished the book and moved on to the next one.

I’m thankful for that small voice. I’m thankful that I gave in to it. That I was willing to take the detour. So often, I am not. I’ve got my own agenda and plans.

Life is so much more than that. At the beginning, it looks like a straight path from start to finish. Then we get detoured on the side streets, the rambling country roads. And we find that that is where the real life happens. That is where the real learning begins. I need to remember to relax and let go. Don’t fear the detours. Don’t dread them. Embrace them. This is where joy is found.




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Sing to your kids: Only A Boy Named David

I have a mental playlist of Sunday school songs that I’ve been singing to my kids for years. Once I start singing, I go through the whole list. If I miss one, the kids are sure to let me know.

Many years ago, my parents hosted and led a Good News Club (Child Evangelism Fellowship) in their home. Some of these songs are from that. Other songs were from Sunday School. Each one is a treasured memory that I have wanted to pass along to my kids.

I will feature one song per week, as time permits. I’ll post the lyrics and music if I can find it online, or perhaps a YouTube video. Be warned: Some of the videos are dorky, or of poor quality. I briefly considered making our own videos, but to do it legally (honoring copyrights) would be cost-prohibitive and/or would take an inordinate amount of time. Some songs have a couple different versions/wordings. I will share the version I remember from my childhood.

I hope that this will encourage other moms sing to their kids. Sing even if you don’t think you have a nice voice. Sing! Your kids will still enjoy it. My singing is just so-so, but my kids like it. In fact, once I start singing, it’s hard to stop. They constantly beg for “just one more”. You don’t have to sing these particular songs — just sing!

I write this with the desire to spark the memories of others, or to give options to someone who may be new to the idea.

Many of these songs have hand motions or some sort of action that accompany them. I think that is part of what makes them so delightful to young kids.

What can be gained by singing these and other songs to your kids? They learn stories from Bible. They are taught about God and his dealings with man. They are given encouragement for the Christian journey. Words set to music are easy to remember. Things learned by heart as a child seem to stick. Even though I learned these songs all before the age of 8 or 9 years old, for the most part, I can still sing them with no words or prompting.

I was going to go all OCD and give you my list in alphabetical order, but I’ve decided to be random instead. Eventually I’ll publish an index post with with titles listed alphabetically, so that anyone interested can readily find the song they want.

Today’s song is: Only A Boy Named David
by Arthur Smith Arnott
© 1931 Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd. (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)

Only a boy named David,
Only a little sling,
Only a boy named David,
But he could pray and sing.

Only a boy named David
Only a rippling brook,
Only a boy named David,
And five little stones he took.

And one little stone went into the sling
and the sling went round and round
And one little stone went into the sling
and the sling went round and round.
And round and round and round and round
and round and round and round.
And one little stone went up in the air
and the giant came tumbling down.

(Mom has to mime falling to the ground!)

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